Miranda line made for you.

Miranda line is for those who pursue what they love no matter what, and show others that nothing is impossible as long you believe.

The benefits of our products:

We sell high quality, comfortable clothing that is both social conscious and environmentally conscious, and allows you to feel good about the clothing you are wearing.

And made on demand to reduce fabric waste.

Our Mission:

We want to make our planet a better place, to be a more environmentally conscious brand. We've made a commitment to donate 1% of our annual sales to those in need and are planing in donating in the future up to 5% to charity. Learn more aboutour sustainability efforts.


Our main mission is to be a social conscious and environmentally conscious brand that produces high quality clothing that are made of sustainable materials. With 1% for charity we give back to people in need and help the environment.


We want to give you an unforgettable experience of a high quality sustainable product that are made in Luxembourg and Portugal. We make all our products my demande to minimize waste and unnecessary production.