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Our Efforts Towards Sustainability

Our efforts towards sustainability

When we first started working in the fashion industry, we quickly realized how damaging it is to our environment. We decided to study and learn more about how the industry operates and how things are generated and disposed of. Since then, we've made it a goal to be as sustainable as possible in our brand.


Our outfits are made from fabrics that are all sustainable in some manner, shape, or form. An explanation of the various types of fabric we use can be seen below.

we work closely with our suppliers to source only the best raw materials, grown or produced in a way that does not harm people, animals and the environment. We only use 100% GOTS certified organic cotton from India, recycled polyester from China and other sustainable materials.


Quality, Durability and Comfort

Quality, durability and comfort. Each fabric is chosen with the greatest care and respects strict criteria. 100% of the cotton used by Miranda line is organic cotton. Our polyester is mainly recycled polyester for the sake of the circular economy. Every Miranda line product is durable, assembled and finished to perfection.


When it comes to shipping, it's critical to maintain things as sustainable as possible.

Carbon-Neutral Shipping 

Shipping items around the world is not the most environmentally friendly option due to the carbon emissions produced. However, we provide our customers with the posibility of neutralising their carbon emissions. A startup that calculates carbon footprints and matches them with offset projects collaborated with us.

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